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We Optimise the success of Horse People finding your Equine Business on the Internet, first time, everytime!

You may be SHOCKED! In Australia alone PEOPLE search on Google for “horse” related product more than 6 million times a DAY.  After checking out, at most, the first five (5) sites, that is, the sites referred to as above the “fold” horse people give up the search quite quickly, frustrated and discouraged.

Have you done a Google search on your business “type” (not name) to see where it comes on a Google ranking, just to test out how easy your customers can or cannot find you? Your customers are going to come to our site, simply because we can be found on the Internet first time, everytime!

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People go onto the Internet to BUY.  Why would you simply advertise in a magazine, hoping to catch an audience who is generally glossing over the advertising anyway?

Equine business owners are not recognized as being internet savvy therefore they have left the “website makeover” to someone they thought knew how to promote them!  Do you know if you are being promoted effectively on the Internet? Can you quantify the enquiries you are currently getting for your Equine Business since putting up a website?  (No! I am not talking about visits to your site, which most website counters cant determine whether you are a person or robot searching anyway) Probably not many, simply because horse people cannot confidently find you quickly and easily!!

If you are serious about Boosting the traffic to your website, our attractive, user friendly Equine Directory provides you with the security that when horse people search for your horse or equine business, product or service, they will find you confidently, the first time, everytime.

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It is seldom known, nor do advertisers tell you that market research shows you need to advertise in the print 7 times in the same paper or magazine for consumers just to see your advert!

If you are looking for an Affordable internet marketing solution for your Equine business, service or product and want Instant results, instead of feeling isolated by “would be customers” not knowing  how to find you, Sign up Immediately.

If we never do business but you think you know someone who could benefit from our service, please advise them about our directory. We pay for referrals (just go to our Affiliate page and register today)


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