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This is me....... Caylene Vincent

My interest with horses began when I was a small girl, living in the tourist town of Te Anau, on the South Island of New Zealand.  I remember begging my father, on numerous occasions to buy me a horse. He simply said to me “All little girls go through this, and you will grow out of it one day”   Either I haven’t grown up, or I am still waiting to grow out of it ☺

Every occasion I could, I would ride a horse.   They used to turn out the nearby trail riding horses in the winter, so my sister and I made bridles out of bailing twine, saddles out of pillows, and with my Dad’s belt buckle strapped around the horses belly we would ride out in the open.  It was great for learning balance I can tell you.

I did the Pony Club “thing” in Cairns, Far North Queensland.  Again this was only achieved by working at the Horse Hire place every weekend, which was an 8 km round trip on my push bike.  I used to think what a great reward to be able to take a horse to Pony Club for one day a month.

At age 15, I  bought my first horse at an auction. I saved him going to the Knackery that day.  The $300 it cost to buy him was saved from working every Thursday night and Saturday morning at various supermarkets over a year.

Later I met a guy, looking to borrow a horse for a Polocrosse carnival.   I had 2 horses at the time, and thought one of them would be OK (based on what, I am not sure)   I reckoned that for him to compete on my horse, I should train him how to chase a ball.  In the process, learning how to pick up the ball with a racquet.   I was then hooked and played this for a couple of years across North Queensland.

Taking a job, in Richmond, North West Queensland, I met various Cowboys and a Jockey.  Between playing Polocrosse, mustering and marking bulls  I even learnt how to run the barrels at a rodeo. If that wasn't enough, I made great friends with a jockey, who introduced me to race horses.  It’s commonly known that jockeys can’t train racehorses, but he convinced me that with his help and guidance I could!

Somehow I found a way to gain my trainers licence at the tender age of 19, not sure how, as the minimum age was, and still is 21!  Never the less, the money that following these race horses around the track in the wrong order past the post helped me decide  that training racehorses, just wasn't my “thing” making it a good time to go back to Cairns for awhile.

After a spending some time in England, involved in an entirely different sport, I  “immigrated” to Victoria, where my old Polocrosse horse had been sent while I was seeing the other half of the world.  I discovered that there was no Polocrosse in Patchewollock, Victoria and it was time to combine my passion of horses with a new discipline.

I then met the Burns girls who were into Ponies, and racing Thoroughbreds.  At nearly 6 foot tall, I was kinda too big for the ponies, and had no desire for  anymore “thoroughbreds”  The girls took me to Swan Hill introducing me to their friends who owned Quarter Horses.

Not having a budget to do what good horse people would advise you to do, (when you change disciplines) that is, buy a school master, have lessons and learn the ropes, I ended up buying 2 unbroken quarter horses.

While breaking in my first quarter horse, I marveled at the brain and trainability of the animal.  And it was from the Lake Tyrell Quarter Horse Stud, that I found “Party Time” who was nicknamed “Dork” at the time, due to his gangly long legs.  Re-naming him “Leroy” I found a friend and animal who would have done anything for me.

I got the opportunity to buy Leroy’s brother, whom I nicknamed Uni, I kept him as a stallion for over 10 years.  Above is a photo of Uni and I, @ Barastock, 6 months pregnant, on a stallion I trusted not only with my life, but that of my unborn child

During this time I moved to Central Victoria, where my husband and I set up a small horse stud, breeding specifically for temperament and versatility.

It was through the next “sea change” (i.e. deciding to change disciplines, that we discovered just how hard it was to find stallions to breed from in our area, and then finding places to purchase quality horse tack in an industry that is largely operates through word of mouth.  This was one of the compelling reasons for deciding to start the Equine Directory.  Not just to provide a service for Equine Product and Service Providers to advertise in the one spot, but to put money back into the industry via scholarships, and sponsorship into clubs.

Always looking to further my knowledge, I took up study and mentoring to become a dressage and show judge, complimenting this training with an Equine Massage Course, simply to get to know the structure of a horse better, and perform massage on my own horses when they require it.

All this has been for a purpose. That purpose is to fulfill a dream….  that dream of building a Healing Centre for Horses and Human’s.  These are the humans who have, or are passionate about horses looking for and promoting different mediums in order to heal.  The RDA is the shining example of this, along with miniatures now being used in America as “seeing eye dogs” which tells me there is still so many ways that the horse touches our live and offers healing when we don’t even realize that we need it. 

You’ve read about me, please share, either through our blog, or through our contact page.   We love to hear and share your stories, or passion and commitment to the horse.

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