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How to list on the Equine Directory

The Equine Directory has 6 customized databases sitting behind it,  Making it easier for you to list, and straight forward for your customer to find your Equine Business, Product or Service.

If our Comprehensive list doesn’t include your specific Equine business, product or service. You can find wether your category exists, by simply going to the relevant website and in the drop down box, labelled TYPE seeing if the option presents  Contact us, we will ensure your category has been included within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry.

Listing on the Directory, is a Simple 4 step process:
  1. Select the relevant database below (in red), it will take you to a payment page where you can use your credit card to complete the transaction.
  2. After processing the payment, you will automatically be taken to the listing page specific to your product or service, for you to submit your details. You will also receive an email with this information.
  3. Completing all information ensures prospective customers can easily find you, especially if location is a factor in their decision to buy.
  4. Be enthusiastic and comprehensive in telling your customers what makes your business, service or product unique.  e.g. what is it that you do, and how does it set you apart from your competition

Be sure to record the unique number that will be generated as you complete your listing details. This will enable you to list on the relevant value added page.

We are committed to having your listing up on our website within 48 hours of receiving your details; if not, we will list it for FREE!

Listing on a "Value-Add" Page
  1. When you have completed the details above, you will receive a “Unique Code" which is assigned to your Equine Club, Business, Product or Service.
  2. Select the page relevant to your listing. SEE BELOW (It is FREE for the first 12 months within your “Finda” site. There is a fee for advertising within our other "finda" sites. Competitions, Clinics & Workshops will always be FREE for clubs & association.
    "Finda" Site Value-Add Page
    Finda Riding Club
    Finda Horse Stud
    Finda Horse Trainer
    Finda Riding Coach
    Finda Horse Course
    Finda Horse Product
    Competitons Clinics & Workshops
    Standing @ Stud & Dispersal Sales
    Competitons Clinics & Workshops
    Competitons Clinics & Workshops
    Equine Courses
    Product Releases or Promotions
  3. When you enter your “Unique Code” some of the details will automatically come up, some will be selected from the drop down boxes, while others will present as free text.  Simply key in the rest. If you are uploading a program or flyer, be sure that it is in PDF format.

If your unique code does not work, this could mean that you are trying to place details in a listing that is not a FREE page available to you.  Please see Advertising Terms & Conditions for details.

How to List on the Employment Vacancies & Wanted

This is currently a FREE service for ALL.

  1. Click on the link below
    Equine Directory Employment Wanted & Vacancies
  2. Complete the details.  The information will display straight away.

Each entry expires after 30 days, you will need to re-key in the details each month if you have not found the job you are looking for, or had the vacancy filled.

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