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Scholarship Programs

We have a revolutionary Scholarship program, unlike any other you would have come across before.

Our scholarships are not exclusive, as we make them available to any Training Provider offering training specifically for, or to the Equine Industry.

There are no “pre-qualifications” ultimately the choice to participate is yours

We are committed to up-skilling the Industry, and supporting people who couldn’t otherwise afford to the study within the Equine Industry!

How Does It Work?

EQUINE TRAINING PROVIDER: Already you are integrated into and support or are supported by the Equine Industry, training people who do, or will, work for equine businesses, product or service provider.  Some of your students will even set up their own business.

Therefore, if you were able to promote the opportunities available through our directory which provides fast and easy access to the Equine Community, we will then contribute 25% of any sign-up in membership to our directory back to your School or University.  This money will directly sponsor a program/s, or subsidized participation to your courses, or fund a direct scholarship to a person/s who may not have otherwise been able to afford the education.

You will be surprised to know that will continue to pay the 25% commission every year that the business, product or service provider you recommended stays connected to our Equine Directory.

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EQUINE TRAINING PROVIDER: You will need to keep promoting the Equine Directory, and advertising through your course material, when the Equine Directory has made a contribution to a course, or provided a scholarship within your training organisation. 

The more that the Directory is promoted the greater the chance that the businesses, product or service providers you referred, stays connected to the Equine Directory.   That result in continued payments to your Training Institute.

You will need to maintain a pay pal account to be paid directly into at the end of the month.  If you do not already have one, please sign up today. www.paypal.com

Not everyone will purchase the first time that you send them the link, this is OK, because the link registers a “cookie” within our system, and they have up to 90 days to purchase the service, and you will still get the reward from this referral transaction.

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