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The Equine Directory is sponsoring Clubs, Associations, and A&P Societies. It’s a remarkable concept where you make the call once, and continue to be paid every year!

Because we are involved in horse clubs ourselves, we know it is not easy to get the resources to run events and attract competitors, therefore we offer a unique sponsorship model to help horse clubs.

If you are a club, association, or society and do something with horses, (eg driving, showing, jumping, chasing cows or foxes), and horses are part of the “team”, and your club is incorporated (that’s our 1, of only 2 conditions we impose) then you are eligible to join our sponsorship program.

This opportunity, really is timely!  Already there is a tightening of purse strings across all disciplines as Organisations and Businesses who have contributed freely in the past, are now looking for a return on investment.  For this reason, clubs, associations and riders are finding it challenging to get their events and competitions sponsored.

Sponsorship is getting scarce; and it is that vital ingredient that enables clubs to offer the prizes or money that result in good entries from competitors.

How Does It Work?

Unlike our affiliate program, where we pay a once off commission for referrals onto our Equine Directory.  The sponsorship program works around a similar concept, only that we pay 25% of the membership fee, this is $50.  This fee is then paid to your club every year that the business, product or service provider that you referred stays connected to the Equine Directory.


A club, calls a “would be” sponsor, asking them to fund or provide something towards an event.  The “would be” sponsor baulks at the proposition, because they get their name on a program, but have no way of validating whether they even get any further business as a result of their contribution.

Instead a “Sponsored Affiliate” (this is a person who has signed up on behalf of the club) would call  a “would be” sponsor, asking them to assist with an up and coming event for $200, and their return on investment would be a 12 months listing on the Equine Directory, aimed specifically at this Industry.  If they agree to ‘sign up to the directory” you email them your link (see details on how to get this link below) and they complete the transaction.  Your are directly credited with the commission at the end of the month.  Instead of contacting the “would be” sponsor next year, we send them an automatic reminder about re-listing with the website to them, and once they renew, you will get another $50 (this time without having to do any work) You can contact as many Business that offer Products or Services to the Equine Industry as you like and earn as much sponsorship for your club, as you can, not just funding one event, but many!

What is also very inviting for a would be sponsor, they can also sign up as an affiliate, and after 2 referrals receive their money back in full as well.

Remember, that not everyone signs up as soon as they get your affiliate link,.  For 90 days the business or service provider can register using your link on the Equine Directory, and you will still be paid your referral commission.

Sign Me Up Now!

Working with horses is outcome based.  When you do the work, you get the rewards (win/place)  Our program is designed on exactly the same principle.  Your horse won’t win sitting in the paddock, and we wont reward you without taking action.   Win/win!  It’s that easy.


Any Equine Business, Product or Service Provider is required to be advised that they have the same opportunity to refer for payment, just like you!

CLUBS /ASSOCIATIONS / A&P SOCIETIES: Only clubs, associations or societies can participate in this sponsored program if they are incorporated.  A copy of your certificate must be submitted with your application.

The money earned from the Sponsorship Program must go towards sponsoring one or more events.  Our logo and name “Equine Directory” is to be used in local communications and in your program outline.  The more the Equine Directory is promoted, the greater the benefit to your “Sponsors” and the longer they will stay connected) meaning your club continues getting sponsorship benefits.

If your club/association or society does not hold competitions or events, then the money must go towards educational programs, related to horsemanship/training  for your members. This can be done a number of ways, but essentially it should have the greatest impact to all members.  I.e clinics, equine training videos or books.

You will need to set up a PayPal account, into which the funds will be paid directly into each month.  If you do not have an account, please go to www.paypal.com and sign up.

Still Interested?

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